What to expect on the day of service

Protection Pros employees will come to your site and complete the disinfection process and place decals in key locations to let your staff and patrons know that you are protecting them for up to 90 days with continuous disinfection.

Our employees have passed a background check prior to employment and will arrive in our company vehicle, wearing a photo badge and company shirt. They will use electrostatic sprayers to treat every surface with a solution that will continuously disinfect for up to 90 days.

Your site will be ready once the solution is dry, which is usually within 10 minutes or less following application. Application time depends on the size of your site, as well as touch points that need to be treated. You can expect that most facilities under 50,000 square feet will take less than an hour to treat. The solution is food, pet, and people safe, but we ask that no food is left out, no pets are on site, and no persons are present in the areas being treated. A checklist will be provided for completion prior to our arrival.

A 30-day follow up bacteria test will be conducted to ensure that the treatment is effective and results will be sent to you via email.

Education materials are available for you and your staff so that you can speak to your patrons about the steps you are taking to keep them safe from everything from COVID-19, to the cold virus, influenza, and even mold!

Protection Pros Vehicle and disinfected sticker

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