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We Help Provide A Safe Environment For Your Employees And Patrons

Stop the endless, ineffective cleaning cycle. Our disinfecting treatment will cover 100% of all of your surfaces with a solution that will continuously disinfect for up to 90 days, eliminating the need for extra staff time, toxic disinfectants, and ineffective applications. 

Long-Term Total Effectiveness

Our process will continuously kill COVID-19 (the novel Coronavirus), the common cold, influenza, and even mold for up to 90 days.

  • Protect your staff

    Keep your employees safe and comfortable while at work.

  • Protect your customers

    Reduce the risk of your customers contracting an illness during a visit to your business.

  • Protect your family

    Keep your family and your team's families safe by reducing the likelihood that they will bring an illness home.

  • Prevent absenteeism

    Reduce time away from work related to illness or required quarantine periods.

  • Enhance your COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

    A complete COVID-19 preparedness plan includes steps to reduce the spread of the virus. Disinfecting surfaces frequently is key to that plan. Let us take care of the disinfection for you and eliminate the need for frequent, ineffective, disinfecting!

  • Increase profitability

    Raise your reputation as a safe place to work/patronize. 

The Protection Pros Process Uses Electrostatic Disinfection To Apply A One-Of-A-Kind, Continuously Disinfecting Solution

Traditional cleaning is time consuming, short-term, and ultimately ineffective; not to mention toxic and corrosive, when compared to the Protection Pros Process.

The Protection Pros Process uses Electrostatic Disinfection to apply a one-of-a-kind, continuously disinfecting solution. It coats surfaces, covers 100% of treated surfaces in seconds, and dries in minutes. Actually, it uses the same process as the antimicrobial surfaces found on the skin of a gecko or the wings of a dragonfly.

Electrostatic disinfection is the process of spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Electrostatic spray uses a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. It coats surfaces, covers 100% of treated surfaces in seconds, and dries in minutes.

Our EPA approved solution is a food-safe, biostatic agent that protects porous and non-porous surfaces for up to 90 days. It will kill COVID-19 (the novel Coronavirus), the common cold, influenza, and even mold. It will continue to kill bacteria and viruses on treated surfaces for up to 90 days. It is the ONLY EPA approved solution to kill COVID-19 for up to 90 days.

Some of the benefits of using Protection Pros:

  • Prevent absenteeism (which costs on average $3,600/employee/year)
  • Save money - Avoid having to reallocate staff time to cleaning or disinfecting so they can focus on what they do best!
  • Strengthen your reputation - Ensure that your staff and patrons are protected from cold, influenza, and COVID-19 (that's priceless!)

We also offer bacteria surface testing (ATP).

How Our Process Works

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Graph showing cost savings using Protection Pros

Protection Pros serves commercial properties and businesses that want to provide a clean and safe environment for their employees and patrons.

Including, but not limited to, the following types of businesses:

Retailers (small)
Gas Stations
Dental Offices

Senior Care facilities
Children’s Museums


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Disinfecting Services

Protection Pros serves commercial properties and businesses that want to provide a safe environment for their employees and patrons. Including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Churches
  • Retailers (small)
  • Gas stations
  • Offices/Banks
  • Daycares
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Dental offices
  • Clinics/hospitals
  • Senior care facilities
  • Hotels
  • Camps
  • Recreation/resorts
  • Public transportation
  • Schools/busses
  • Library
  • Children’s museum
  • Gyms

For a limited time we are performing residential applications as well. Contact us for details.

Our solution is a water based, patented, bound antimicrobial technology.

  • Ready To Use (RTU) formulation
  • E.P.A. Registered (87583-3)
  • Non-Leaching
  • Persistent and Continuous protection of treated surfaces for up to 90 Days
  • Mode of Action - Mechanical Kill
  • Works while dry
  • Both colorless and odorless
  • Keeps surfaces protected between cleanings
  • Neutral pH
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable, No VOC’s
  • Food Contact Surface Preservative


Two separate Centers of Research Excellence within the Global Virus Network (GVN), both of which have state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the study of viruses on various surfaces and are among the very few research centers throughout the world that have access to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) isolate for investigation and testing purposes, independently conducted an extensive series of tests on our solution in May 2020. Tests included ASTM E1053 tests, which is the standard methodology for assessing the virucidal efficacy of liquid, aerosol or trigger-spray microbicides on environmental surfaces. Scientists at both facilities definitively demonstrated that our solution, when applied both to porous and to non-porous surfaces, quickly eliminates SARS-CoV-2 and creates a highly durable protective coating that continuously eradicates and prevents SARS-CoV-2 growth.


Our solution is safe for humans and the environment and has passed EPA cytotoxicity. It is also water-based with patented technology that uses ZERO triclosan, phenols, arsenic, titanium, heavy metals or poisons. Our solution carries an FDA master allowance file (MAF) through the CDRH providing for use in medical devices (instruments and types of implants). It also has multiple EPA registrations including approval with our formulation for FCSS (Food Contact Surface Safe). The product is covalently bonded to the substrate, meaning there is no possibility of leaching into the surrounding environment. Even if it were to be released, the product is non-toxic for humans and animals so there would be no lasting damage. Also, the product does not degrade or erode like current chemical approaches. It is also not leaching, migrating, flammable, or corrosive.

Our solution has been EPA approved to continually disinfect for up to 90 days. It can start to lose effectiveness after 6 weeks, so the Protection Pros Process is applied bi-monhtly to ensure optimum effectiveness.

Our solution has been approved as a Food Contact Surface Preservative. It can be used on food preparation surfaces including (but not limited to):

  • Cookware made from any material
  • Countertops and cutting boards
  • Food wrap including aluminum foil, plastic wrap, coated deli paper and plastic trays
  • Collection and storage equipment
  • Storage containers of any material
  • Industrial prep and processing equipment/machineryPaper products such as wipes, tissues,
    wall coverings, towels and more
  • Sinks and other vessels used for cleaning and transporting food and beverage productsCarbon water filters and other drinking water filter media

A Protection Pros representative will conduct a follow up visit 30 days after your treatment to conduct bacteria testing. The results will be emailed to you. If the bacteria levels are outside of normal ranges, Protection Pros will reapply the application at no cost to you. We will also work with the distributor to determine why the original application wasn’t effective and help you to prevent any future interference in maintaining the effectiveness of the product.


Our solution helps prevent the mutation of adaptive germs. Other technologies work by “uploading” into the microorganism resulting sometimes in a mutation of the original microorganism. Our solution does NOT promote adaptive organisms.

We are a local, family owned, small business. Our process IS the New Standard of Clean. With self-cleaning, common surfaces (touchpoints) are cleaned with poisonous disinfectants that leave behind no effective residual protection and within hours of disinfection, bacteria will grow exponentially presenting a renewed risk. Our EPA approved solution provides persistent and continuous protection by creating a microscopic shield on porous and non-porous surfaces, helping ensure these outbreaks are prevented.

Protection Pros employees will come to your site and complete the disinfection process and place decals in key locations to let your staff and patrons know that you are protecting them for up to 90 days with continuous disinfection. Learn more...

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